We would like to share some case studies wherein the Clients have benefited from our services. There is a deep analysis done from our end. This helps in right brand positioning of the product. Also it improves the marketing communication and enhances the creativity.

Case Study 1.....FAME FOOD

Category:- Food Industry

Situation: - Food business is highly lucrative and we Indians are food lovers. We strive for various dishes which are regional specialities but availability is a constraint. Our client realised this and came up with an idea of making Indian delicacies, especially snacks and sweets available at one single counter in the city. The ambitious plan includes opening new counters all over Gujarat and also makes it available online. The venture was named “FAME FOOD”

The Challenge at hand and execution:- In a crowded place all the facets look the same, difficult to recognize. Our job is to provide a unique face to the outlet which stands out in the crowd and emerges as the favourite. Thus this was initiated by the tag line “Favourite of Favourites”. Displaying so many varieties pictorially in a cohesive fashion was a challenge. The display of original pictures of the snacks was a great synchronization issue. The solution provided by us was executing the dressing of the food dishes by professional Chefs and the photography also by professionals acted as the cherry on the topping.

Add on:- The execution also included promotional campaigns to support the brand. The promotional materials included In-Shop Signage, E-Mailers, Billboards, Flyers, etc. Also the digital media like WhatApp and Newsletters were initiated successfully.

It was a great experience for us to explore this unique concept and especially we thank the client on being very co-operative and displaying trust on us.

Case Study 2.....V Express Woman

Category:- Textiles

Situation: - As we all know that the customers have a varied choice of in shopping traditional dress materials, readymade and unfinished both. Lots of established brands have been ruling the market; a new entry would take time and toll to make its place. Our client was a new entrant and had those run the mill dress designs which were no different from others. The price range was not too high nor was too low. Also the channel of distribution was not too strong.

The Challenge at hand and execution:- The biggest hurdle faced was the lack of proper budget allocation for marketing of the product. Establishing the routine and not so extraordinary types dress materials in the minds of the consumers was not an easy task. We harped on the “ V: Express Woman” tag line  which caught the consumer’s mind.  A unique way of using scarecrows as models in a farm was used to capture consumer attention. Thus saving on huge amount of monetary flow spent on models. The product catalogue was given a different treatment which explained the process of stitching and creating the traditional dresses, making it an informative platform.

Add on:-The execution also included promotional campaigns to support the brand. The In Shop Signage, Advertisements in Femina and major magazines across India and display of the products at Malls by us were some major initiatives.